The SF Reporter tool

The SF Reporter tool helps coordinators complete regular reporting requirements and capture evidence to show the collective impact of the Strengthening Families process.

You can use the SF Reporter to track everything in a secure database, including:

  • enquiries
  • referrals
  • contact information
  • meeting notes
  • meeting outcomes.

Whānau and families are surveyed to record their feedback on the process, and agencies are surveyed to assess successful collaboration.

A final case report that identifies the outcomes is produced.

SF Reporter guide


You may need to make changes within the SF Reporter such as:

  • add or remove a user
  • add or remove an agency
  • query the accuracy of a report
  • delete a case
  • request special access for a team member.

Noel Doney, Senior Programme Advisor, can assist you with any changes:

You will need authorisation from your manager to undertake any of these activities.

Published: June 28, 2022