Example action plan

This example set of actions from a Strengthening Familiies meeting shows how multiple agencies and the whānau or family work together, and the roles each person takes, to achieve their goals.

Actions for meeting participants

This sample meeting is based on a family who were working with multiple agencies on issues of child health, care and protection and education – this list is based on actions drawn from real life meetings.

Public health nurse

  • liaise with GP to set up a referral to a pediatrician for assessment
  • organise M46 form to set up counselling referral for parents
  • discuss the possibility of referral for younger children in the whānau with the early intervention team from Early Intervention Services (EIS)
  • discuss the possibility of referral for needs assessment with GP.

Social service organisation

  • engage family support worker to assist with parenting skills and family dynamics
  • arrange future use of access centre if required.

School principal

  • allow mother to use school phone and act as a message centre
  • liaise with truancy officer
  • refer te tamaiti to Specialist Education Services (SES)
  • set up a school mentor for te tamaiti
  • welcome parents at school to strengthen the bond between home and school.

Work and Income

  • meet with parents to review benefit entitlements
  • explore possibilities regarding a disability allowance
  • set up budgeting advice
  • keep in touch with Strengthening Families meeting members.


  • meet GP as arranged by public health nurse to complete forms for counselling for her and her tamariki
  • make appointment to arrange family day care
  • ring Work and Income to set up appointment to review benefit entitlements
  • walk tamariki to school each day in the new term
  • meet with Oranga Tamariki social worker to discuss benefit changes.


  • take whānau to GP this week
  • continue to offer practical help and support.

Reviewing the action plan

The school principal will be the lead contact and will:

  • make sure everyone is kept up to date with progress and developments
  • convene review meeting at agreed date, or sooner if there is a serious breakdown in plans.

All the participants agree to be proactive in letting the lead agent know of developments or changes.

Published: June 28, 2022