Local governance

60 local management groups (LMGs) oversee Strengthening Families – they help government and community organisations work together to provide support and services to the whānau or families who need them.


LMGs oversee Strengthening Families in their area. Each group:

  • encourages and promotes the use of Strengthening Families within their own agency
  • monitors and assesses interagency cooperation within Strengthening Families
  • sets the work priorities for the Strengthening Families coordinator and makes sure they have the resources they need to perform their role
  • is responsible for all Strengthening Families reporting
  • uses the information collected from the reporting to develop ongoing strategies and services (and leads the initiative to fill them).


Membership and the way LMGs are run is decided locally – this reflects the size and resources of each community. 

People who attend typically include:

  • managers from the government and community agencies providing or funding services for local whānau or families
  • local government staff
  • iwi, rūnanga or representatives from other Māori organisations
  • people involved in other community groups. 

To find out how to participate in your local LMG, contact your local Strengthening Families coordinator.

Published: June 28, 2022