Why use Strengthening Families?

There are many reasons to use the process and below are just two of those reasons.

Families feeling stronger and in control

Telling your story once to support services and government agencies helping your family/ whänau means everyone gets to hear the “whole picture”– not just parts of it. It helps services see things from your point of view and provide the help you really need.

Your family/ whānau decides who comes to meetings and what is talked about. Everyone involved, including family members, work together to make things happen.

Strengthening Families is forward looking.  It is about what happens next not about what might have happened or gone wrong in the past.

Strengthening Families delivers results

Some of the reasons for using Strengthening Families are:

  • families find out what support they can get, and often get it quickly
  • families have control over the process
  • agencies do what they say they will do
  • professionals talk through things they might not agree on
  • better use is made of services and other support from the local community.

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