What happens?

Strengthening Families offers a structured way for the services supporting your family to work together to achieve goals important to you. 

Step 1. Get started

Ask someone already supporting your family/ whänau about Strengthening Families or you can get in touch directly.

At the beginning a quick check will be made to make sure Strengthening Families is a good match for your situation. A member of your family/ whänau will be asked to sign a consent form. Signing this means you are volunteering to stick through the Strengthening Families process. This includes allowing your family information to be carefully shared with all the agencies involved.

Step 2: Prepare for the first meeting

Someone will work with your family/ whānau to prepare for the first meeting. You decide who will be at the meeting, where and when it will be held, and what will be covered. An important part of this stage is helping your family/ whānau think through your strengths, issues, priorities and dreams.

Step 3: First meeting

At the first meeting you and the people you have invited talk about what your family/ whānau wants to achieve, and what support you need to get there. You get to share what is important to you. And the people you have invited all say where they can help. 

Meetings are run in a way that suits you. This may mean starting with a karakia and mihi. One or more support people for your family/ whānau can come along.

Step 4: Agree on actions

All the actions that agencies and your family decide on are written down. Who is doing what and deadlines are noted as well. This action plan is sent to everyone who came to the meeting. If you do not already have a main contact person, this will be agreed on at this time.

Step 5: Carry out all the actions

Each agency has to do the things they said they would by the deadline agreed to. To make sure things are happening, your main contact person will keep track of when things are done. They follow-up on your family's behalf if all the things agreed to are not happening.

Another meeting or meetings may be held. This brings people back together to talk about progress and agree on ways to tackle any problems that come up.

Step 6: All done

The aim is for all actions to be carried out by the dates agreed to. When all the issues listed in the action plan are completed this is the end of the process. All done!

Your family/ whānau will get a chance to share your views about Strengthening Families. The information collected is important as it will be used to help make the process better for other families, and show that Strengthening Families is working. 

Diagram of the process

Get involved

Get in touch by asking a service already helping your family/whānau, or contact us directly. Sign the consent form.

Prepare for the first meeting

Each family/whānau decides:

  • who to attend meeting
  • where and when it is
  • what to cover.

First meeting

Your family/whānau and support services talk through:

  • what does your family want to achieve?
  • how do we get there together?

Agree on what everyone will do

Write a plan to keep track of what your family/whānau and services will do.

Carry out the actions

Everyone involved puts actions into practice. Hold a meeting or meetings to keep things moving (if required).

All done!

After all actions on the plan are done, a last meeting is held to wrap things up.

Get in touch for more information and advice:

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