Roles of everyone involved

To get the support you and your family/ whänau needs, the Strengthening Families process relies on people working together. Here are details of what everybody does.

Main contact person

Your family/ whānau will have a main contact person who checks whether or not the things agreed to by everyone are being done. They will give your family/ whānau support to achieve any actions you’ve agreed to as part of an action plan.

Meeting facilitator

To make sure everyone gets the most out of any meetings, an independent person may run them. This person makes sure everybody has a say and keeps the meeting focused on your family’s needs.

Community and government agencies

These are the organisations providing services and support to families. The types of things they do include social work, truancy, budget advice, accommodation referrals, health programmes, schooling and other education services, counselling, etc.

Strengthening Families Co-ordinator

Co-ordinators keep Strengthening Families running smoothly. They make sure that families and community and government agencies know about Strengthening Famies. There are more than 60 co-ordinators throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

Local Management Group (LMG)

A group of people from the main agencies meet regularly to see how Strengthening Families is working in each area. They also look at how well the agencies are working together, look at whether extra or different services are needed to fill gaps, and promote the process.

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