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Below are answers to common questions about Strengthening Families.

Can I really have meetings where I choose?

Yes, it is up to each family/ whānau to decide where to hold meetings. This could be in an agency office, a marae, community centre or somewhere else you feel comfortable.

Do I lose any existing support if I use Strengthening Families?


Is it okay to have a support person?

Yes. At any point during your involvement you can have a support person or people. This person can attend any meeting and assist in any way that helps you achieve your family's goals.

Can I get help with translation?

Every effort is made to help families overcome any barriers using Strengthening Families. We will do our best to find an interpreter if you cannot easily talk with the workers supporting you.

Can our family/ whānau use Strengthening Families even if we're only working with one agency?

Yes, if you think there are other ways you could get support that you're not currently getting, or if you think another agency could help your family, then check to see if Strengthening Families is right for your family.

If a family/ whānau member wants to come but I don't want them to, what do I do?

The family member who gets a Strengthening Families process started for their family/ whānau decides who joins in. There could be good reasons for not wanting someone to be involved. This may include another family member or members. For instance, a former partner may be abusive or aggressive, or subject to a formal restraining order. You can change your mind if things change.

I'm finding it hard to get a baby sitter so I can't attend a meeting. Can I get some help?

As Strengthening Families is a family/ whānau friendly process you may be able to bring your children to meetings. If you do need help with a babysitter, or other help to attend a meeting, ask your main contact person. 

What happens if I need Strengthening Families again after all the actions are completed?

If your family/ whānau needs extra support you can use Strengthening Families again. A new action plan will be agreed on, rather than adding to an old one.

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