Do I have to come?

Every family/ whānau faces its fair share of challenges. Even though there is lots of help out there, it doesn't always work out.

It could be people working your family don’t know about everything that could help. At times people may disagree over the best way forward. 

This is where Strengthening Families comes in: everyone supporting a family/ whānau meets to talk through what will help. There's follow-up so that everyone does what they say they will.  

Whatever actions people decide on for moving your family forward, it's all about your family’s dreams and goals.

You won't find anyone who says this is easy. But you will find people who say it's worth it. With everyone supporting a family moving in the same direction a lot can be achieved.

Bringing things into the open means that anyone whose job it is to help will get the full picture. This means they're better able to help you and your family/ whänau.

What you really need to know about Strengthening Families

Families are forced to come to meetings. False. Families volunteer to join Strengthening Families because they think it will make things better

If you’re 15 years or older you can be ordered attend a meeting with your family. False. Once you get to 14 years old or so, you can expect to be invited to meetings. There’s a good reason for this: Strengthening Families only works when family members are not forced to come along.

You tell your story only once. True. Rather than repeating things to every agency working with your family/ whänau, you say it once at a meeting everyone attends.

Strengthening Families is an extra agency telling me and my family/ whānau what to do. False. It is not actually another agency. Instead Strengthening Families is about getting the best support you can from the services and organisations your family is already working with, plus any others that might be able to help.  

Any questions I've got about what happens will be answered. True. All family/ whānau members coming can ask questions at meetings, or you can directly contact someone involved with running Strengthening Families.

Families headed by teen parents can use Strengthening Families. True. Any family/ whānau in New Zealand can use Strengthening Families as long as children or young people are involved. It doesn’t matter if parents are teenagers or grandparents.

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